The Hass Avocado Committee is an independent association that has been operating since 1990, representing Chilean farmers and exporters. It represents a large percentage of the production and export of Paltas de Chile.

Its main mission is to promote the consumption of Hass Avocado in Chile and the world, supervising the quality of the fruit that is transported to international markets. It also aims to defend the interests of the Association and its associates in general.


The Citrus Committee of Chile, an organization linked to the Fruit Exporters Association of Chile A.G. (Asoex), is formed by the main citrus exporters of the country and represents 78% of the citrus exports of Chile.

The production and export of citrus fruits from Chile is composed of clementines, tangerines, oranges, lemons and grapefruits. In the 2018 season, Chile exported a value close to 360,000 tons of citrus. 28% of exports correspond to Navel oranges, around 24.5% to lemons, 17.2% to clementines, 30% to tangerines and 0.3% to grapefruit.




Agricultural companies sign an unprecedented agreement and deliver free 5 liters per second to supply 1,500 people in the interior of the Valparaíso Region


In one of the most difficult moments of the prolonged drought that the area is experiencing, and just when the Ministry of Public Works has just established for the 15th time a Water Scarcity Decree for the entire Province of Petorca, an agreement came to give hope to two communities regarding a better water supply. Agricultural companies signed agreements with two systems of Rural Drinking Water (APR) to transfer a total of 5 liters per second, and thereby stabilize the supply to about 1,500 people in the coming days.
In a recent visit to the area of ​​the national director of the Hydraulic Works Directorate, Claudio Darrigrandi, representatives of the Los Peumos Agricultural Society signed an agreement with Patricio Olivares, president of the APR Peñablanca-Montegrande, of Cabildo, to yield two liters per second from one of its wells, which will directly benefit 520 people.
“This seems to us a stupendous initiative that seeks that public and private sector are allies in something that as MOP, Hydraulic Works and State tells us to privilege the human consumption. In Petorca we are investing in a three-year program of more than $ 15,000 million pesos. We are installing flow meters and working together in auditing, in addition to granting new rights. “
Currently, the aforementioned APR has only 1.2 liters per second plus the contribution of water trucks sent by the Government of Petorca, which clearly is not enough. In fact, according to the leader’s account, they must establish 8-hour shifts of supply every night. In short, with 3.2 liters per second permanently and continuously, will solve the problem of drinking water supply for people both Peñablanca and Montegrande. In this regard, the governor of Petorca, María Paz Santelices, highlighted the joint work in favor of the commune.
“We can see that joint work can always bring benefits to the community, help them and strengthen them. In a joint work with APR Peñablanca Montegrande is delivering and transferring two liters of water per second for the welfare and improvement of citizens’ quality of life. We thank this farm that has donated such amount of water rights. “

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