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Our group has been working for more than 35 years in agriculture. During this time we have learned to develop a working model in which the “Stakeholders” of our agricultural investments are involved, always respecting the environment. The way of working that we have developed has allowed us to grow continuously without altering our environment and improving the relationship with our employees and the community. In addition, technology has been a key tool for our development, especially in the efficient use of water. By having fields in a variety of regions we can give the investor risk diversification. The group expects to continue to grow and improve, in order to obtain better returns for its investors in a sustainable manner.


Guillermo Correa RT.

CEO / Founder

One of the largest producers of avocados and citrus in Chile. Founder, president and controller of Exportadora Santa Cruz. He has been in the industry for more than 35 years creating what is now a days the 9th export Company in Chile by sales ranking


Jaime Busquet


Agricultural Engineer & MBA PUC. Working since 1991 with the group. Currently has his own investments in walnuts of approximately 200 hectares. Founded Growex, a dried fruits exports company.

Guillermo Correa B.


Commercial Engineer & MBA IE. Before working with his family worked for 6 years in Enel, the biggest utility Company in Europe. Participated in financial operations, including debt restructuring and M&A. After three years working for the Latin American holding he was expatriated to the central offices where he worked in the Capital Markets team for three years in Rome. He is currently the main executive of DGS that administrate all the group farms.

Business Model

Developing and managing agricultural investments in a sustainable way.

Search and Project Evaluation

Search and Project Evaluation

• Field Zone
• Soil Quality
• Price / Hectares
• Financing

Construction and implementation

Construction and implementation

• Financial Advance
• Physical Advance
• Quality of Field Design



• Technical Compliance
• Administrative Compliance



• Marketing Control




To be recognized as the best option for sustainable development and management of agricultural projects and businesses.

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Achieve excellence in the management of productive fields, through sustainable management and seeking a permanent involvement of local communities, which allows to generate a positive social impact and profitability committed to shareholders in a long-term perspective.



Our Quality Assurance department is committed to offering high quality products to our customers and consumers. To achieve this purpose, we comply with the requirements of hygiene, food, environmental and social security. For this we have a professional technical team trained in certification protocols, laboratory procedures and Post Harvest technology.

Our Fields

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